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Scholarly Work

Counter-Monumentalism in the Search for American Identity in Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter & The Marble Faun 

This study examines the crisis of identity the United States was experiencing in the nineteenth-century through two of the major literary works of Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Scarlet Letter and The Marble Faun. Hawthorne, who lived through this crucial and important developmental period, was concerned as to what this identity would be, how the United States would shape and define itself, and what its future would be if this identity was malformed. In addition, this study will look at counter-monuments as argued by James E. Young in his essay “The Counter-Monument: Memory against Itself in Germany Today” to expand on these issues of identity. If according to Young, the ideal goal of the counter-monument is “not to remain fixed but to change,” one can conclude that Hawthorne understood that national identity must be fluid; otherwise, the nation would crumble under the pressure and force of change.

Image by Artur Łuczka

"Inherited Traumas and Memories That Are Not Our Own,"  an essay published in Luna, Luna Magazine explores identity and its correlation to epigenetics. 



  • “Realization” (2018) Sonder Magazine, a journal of cultural criticism, comment, and creative writing. 

  • “When Mangos Last in my Backyard Bloom’d” (2022), Waterproof: Evidence of a Miami Worth Remembering 

  • “Ode to the Guava Pastelitos” (2022) in the zine, Miami Grubs: Meals and Memories

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