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Carmen Misé Menendez

Educator, Writer, Wife, Mom

Hello and Welcome! I am an educator in Miami, Fl, a city facing many social-economic and environmental challenges. This space is to dedicated to share my favorite things. I am an insatiable reader. I also greatly enjoy film. My favorite genre is Horror (Mystery, Suspense, Thrillers, Sci-Fi). I also write non-fiction and poetry. I enjoy being out doors, spending time with my family and friends. I have a dog named Hamlet. Proud mama of two little girls. I believe in aliens, and yes, the Earth is round.


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Carmen Misé Menendez (she / her / ella)  is assistant professor of composition and literature at Miami Dade College North Campus' English and Communications Department, where she co-advises Sigma Kappa Delta, the English Honors Society and Pride Unity. She co-chairs the annual National Poetry Month celebration. Carmen was invited by the Miami-Dade Public Library System to kick off their Art and Sculpture Lecture Series, where she lectured on the topic of national identity, memory, and Counter-Monuments. A theory she explored in her master's thesis, and a topic she is still exploring in her writings. Her most recent non-fiction work include, “Inherited Trauma and Memories That Are Not Our Own” published in the online magazine, Luna Luna. Carmen’s latest poetry work, Realization, published in Sonder Magazine, a journal of cultural criticism, comment, and creative writing. “When Mangos Last in my Backyard Bloom’d” in Waterproof: Evidence of a Miami Worth Remembering and “Ode to the Guava Pastelitos” in the zine, Miami Grubs: Meals and Memories.

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